Friday, 2 March 2012

The Thaw


She looked up towards the sky and then down at the rain spattered pavement. Each fresh droplet of rain that fell to the cold ground sat alone, quivering, waiting for a companion. Each new drop that fell searched out another, until they joined, becoming one new larger entity, an entity awaiting the arrival of even larger numbers. With each new member the excitement of the rainwater mounted and it raced forward encompassing more companions. Happily the merry band of droplets gained speed and formed a stream that quietly beat its own path toward the gutter and drain below.

She watched the stream as it wound its way down the pavement and off the edge of the curb, she admired the strength and determination of those little droplets, how they worked together for a common goal, finally succeeding in reaching the drain. She looked back at where she saw the first droplets fall and begun to wonder; where was that first raindrop now, where was that bold sphere of water that fell bravely from the sky and lay quivering with excitement, could it ever be separated from the stream again, could it ever be an individual?

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